First game feedback

Hello! :smiley:

Pass The Bomb is my first finished game. I’ve spent a lot of time on it and released it a while ago, but i am really struggling to get players. The main problem is that a round requires 2 or more players to start, so if a player joins they will most likely leave because there is no one to play with. I would highly appreciate suggestions, and possibly feedback on how i could improve the game itself.

Roblox’s advertisements/sponsors recently changed to be 13+ and aren’t that great any more from what i have heard. But I wouldn’t have much Robux to spend on it either way.

Game link: [UPDATE!] Pass The Bomb 💥 - Roblox


Everything looks really good and I love how all the ui and models look. For a very small dev team, this is an amazing game and I recommend anyone who sees this to try it out. The ranking and leaderboard system is good for motivating people to keep playing. I suggest that you add longer rounds and modes to the game to make people play for longer.


How much Robux do you have available for sponsoring your games? Is your game compatible with mobile devices?

We have around 4500 in total and yes it works on mobile.

With the other competition 4500 is not enough. Times are tough now and you need 100k for your game to even reach around 6 concurrent players (from what I heard recently). The best solution is to advertise on other platforms.

I used 2k and got 5 concurrents, but that was before the sponsorship update.

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But now Roblox disabled <13 advertising so it’ll be harder to get players.

How you got 4.5k Robux if it’s your first game? I ask this because I’m very poor even with my games (I get almost 5 Robux per week…), and I really need Robux for advertising or sponsoring.

The game has made 430 Robux so far. And my friend (who i am making the game with) has got around 1.5k from doing building commissions. And the rest i won from an event. This in total is around 4.5k.

True if you’re sponsoring a baseplate with a default icon.

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A Roblox developer event? Or something else?

It was a discord bot developing event in a discord server called RoDevs.

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It’s a good game. However, the problem is a lack of marketing or any community formed beforehand. You can make GTA 6 on Roblox, but if you don’t have strong marketing you will not get any players.

I’d suggest spreading it onto social media and promoting the game there if you lack the money to sponsor it directly. Or, contact a small Youtuber that’s willing to make a video on it without charging a lot.

Also, make a place where people can gather up and talk, such as Discord or Guilded. It will drive the activity more by having a small community you can talk to & receive feedback from.

If you are really struggling with money, look for investors, if they like the game and see potential they might spare some money for it.

Looks good!

You could always advertise using Social Media :slight_smile: This is a free option if budget is an issue.

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Try to play the game, people will then join… And repeat and repeat, until you will get at least 3 active users every minute…

It’s pretty long lol

It don’t think that’s the best idea

I dont agree with you… Or he should do Sponsor that will last only few days?

If he do a sponsor he’ll get a few concurrents players, and the friends of the concurrents players will also join so it’s your idea but better.