First game is a big game?

Hey, so I’m wondering if it’s a smart idea to launch my first game as a massive, successful game.

I’ve developed for nearly 3 years in studio, have plenty of experience in all aspects (except modeling) and have a deep understanding of game design. I’ve created several projects, but lost motivation. That doesn’t mean they were bad or a bad idea, it was something new to the platform, just didn’t follow through with it. I also have a pretty deep understanding of marketing and promotion. Not to mention I’ll have a team helping me, along with a unique idea.

Is it just bad luck or is it possible to create a game like the size of say BedWars as your first released project?


If this is your very first time creating a game and designing it on your own, you probably won’t hit the jackpot just yet. You might wanna start with a small idea and then build up towards the original project you had in mind, if you have a good team and decent knowledge, you could try though.

Success comes from past mistakes, the more you fail, the more you learn until you eventually pull up with the next hit.


Nope! It’s just impossib-
Wait, with a team of friends, it could be done!


Well you read the parts where I said I have over 3 years of experience. That means I’ve created several projects, but haven’t quite completed them.

Completing a project doesn’t mean instant success, you might make hundreds if not thousands of projects before you eventually hit ‘the jackpot’ and one of them takes off, unless of course you have millions stored in the bank and advertise the absolute crap out of your game, but I doubt that’s the case.
There are plenty of ways to get traction to your game, most of them being listed in several similar topics on this forum. Unless the game you are making is insanely unique and stands out from all other games on the front page, I highly doubt it will gain instant traction by the players.

You might have 3 years of experience in scripting/modeling/animating, but you said that it was your first serious project, unless you already worked for someone else, you might not have a perfect knowledge of game design & community management which are also key elements into making a good game.

Balancing & such for PVP games are something you learn from experience. If your PVP game is not balanced, peoples will be discouraged to play it.

Or you already have this type of experience and in this case I wish you goodluck for your game!

Don’t aim too high. Unless you’re a child prodigy and Roblox pushes your game really hard, having your first game be a huge successful game is rare.

Game development is more than the game’s quality. It’s about the community, management and monetization too.

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Yes, it is possible, but you must have a very innovative idea.

I started game development 3 years ago. I know all the areas of the development of a game except modeling. I have created 2 games but abandoned them due to a loss of motivation. Now I’m developing a game, sometimes I lose motivation but I never give up, and I’m sure it’s going to be popular. As your double, I tell you not to be won over by the lack of motivation… and never give up.

I know this doesn’t respond to your post, but a motivational word helps.

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