First game UI attempt

This is the first time I’ve actually made a UI, I usually just give my opinion on them.
Any suggestions on what to change?


Great UIs, I like the style you went for as well the colours you chose. As for the second image you posted(picture of the three weapons) it somewhat loses the universal theme you are going for. It makes the UI feel as if it isn’t apart of the same game, especially how there aren’t any rounded edges and the transparency is different. As for feedback I think you should include statistics(damage, accuracy, etc.) when are selecting your weapon. Other than that I think it is great, keep up the good work!

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This doesn’t look like SourceSans. Definitely not made in ROBLOX.

It isn’t made in ROBLOX, this is from Adobe XD. Here is the topbar file I was using:

I’m currently in the process of importing it to studio now.

I do believe [1] is hard to be seen in small displays. Mind using better fonts?

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Purchased > Purchase would look better with different variations of the color rather than two individual colors.

I.e light green (purchase) , dark green (purchased).

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EDIT : Oh wait, just read what you were saying.

I’d play around with the colors more IMO (unless you like that combination) though yeah you’ve got the concept down.

I’d also recommend experimenting with playful styles like this

In relation to what @ManamiWasThere mentioned, I think you should use a font that is a bit softer on the eyes. Perhaps particularly targetting the smaller texts, it looks too bold. I think the font suits the text when it’s large, not tiny and bold.

Yes :white_check_mark: Easy to read. image
No :x: Tiny and bold. image

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Great UI’s I think the lighter saturated tones in them contrast nicely with the dark terrain you have in your workspace. Keep up the great work!

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This is great for your first UI, and it looks really simple yet so neat.


For this UI though, it looks good but it might be hard to read on smaller screens, so you could make it so the member part is a scrollingframe, to use less space, and make the Squad Info part, bigger so it can be read easily.

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@Formeru @ManamiWasThere Any suggestions of what fonts to use? I’ve played around with it and it just doesn’t feel the same.

I know I didn’t complain about it, but is there any way you could make the font width smaller?

By this I mean the width of each individual letter

The text looks very compact.
Alternatively, you can spread the letters out a little bit more…

I don’t know any fonts, unfortunately, I cannot recommend any. Something less bold and thick for the smaller text will do, though.

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