First GFX Design Work

Hi there, my name is tar. I only just recently started making GFX.
I just wanted to see if anybody had some feedback on my work. It would be a great help.
Thanks in advance.




Amazing! You have an amazing future in front of you.


I see what you were trying to do with the lazer which is cool. Maybe if the snow was coming from the top, and the snow would interact wiht the lazer in the right way. I mean if you can see what im trying to say, but honestly great job, love the 3D model its amazing.

Great job.

Yeah, I think if I moved the snow then it would blend everything together more nicely. Thanks for the feedback.

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Character is in the bottom left portion the image, you generally want to have them in the middle. I understand you have a sniper but there are work arounds. Making various parts of the sniper smaller, changing the camera properties, or just the pose itself. Speaking of the camera, you have a lot of free room within the image that is useless. Especially at the top where you could have just cut it off and it would look more rectangular, and better overall. The quality on the snow is bad, it is stretched distorted and looks more like a poor film grain. I suggest you look for better one’s next time or download snow brushes and make it yourself with a slight touch of motion blur. The material’s can also use some work, the sniper looks like a plastic toy and the lens is just plain red. It takes only five minutes to learn how to make a simple glass effect for the scope, adding effective material textures onto the sniper, or enhancing the character hats. Also, the spark effect on the sniper does not blend well in with the bring red laser and the blue white background. As for your text at the bottom right, it is very bland. I suggest getting creative and rotating it around and fitting it under or above the sniper; trying to incorporate it with the render as if it were apart of the scene instead of sitting there at the bottom.

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Alright, thanks for the feedback! I’ll check everything out and try improve it.

I agree with codasdead, but other then that for your very first GFX it is very good.


This is so good and you just started? You’re really at this omg…

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