First (GFX?) feedback

Feedback on first GFX

Hey! I’m not sure whether this is the right category, but I’d like some feedback from all of you about this GFX i made about Lumber Tycoon.


I changed the camera angle and added some more interesting things, and messed with the lighting a bit. In my opinion, the new one looks a lot better.

Old image

:warning: This is the new version :arrow_down:

New revised image

What i want feedback on

What could i have done differently, what have i done wrong, or what could be improved? Please tell me.
I also would like some feedback on my color-grading, (constructive criticism is greatly appreciated).

Plis halp am veri bad

I still am a beginner at Blender and at Photoshop, so unfortunately there are basically no effects apart from the fire particles which are supposed to look like the Roblox fire particles. (i added mist now)



First off, if this is for your game lumber tycoon, I don’t see how it correlates at all to the game theme. Besides that the shading seems rather inconsistent between the foreground and the background. It looks like you are trying the rule of thirds which is good, however the camera angle could be better. This is good for a beginner though. :+1:


For some reason it wont load for me D:

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This is more of a fanart for Lumber Tycoon 2, because i really like that game and decided making a render would be fun. I dont even know if this can be considered GFX.

The camera angle i could definitely improve, i just moved the camera to somewhere and after that focused on all the other things. I didnt put much time into it so thats probably why. so that is definitely something i will pay more attention to in the future.

The difference in lighting is because there are some white lights on the roof which are in the original game so i should pay more attention to that in future.
Thank you very much for the feedback! It is very helpful

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Here you have another upload of it
I just noticed that i put a light under the torch so now the torch casts a shadow upwards, which was unintended.

Yea its not too great but good as a beginner! Actually excellent for a beginner but for a casual guy like me I’d say that it needs better graphics. Also seems like your using roblox studio instead of blender so use blender. And also in blender I would say to use PBR textures from ambientCG.

I am using Blender. (Was my fire particle effect that convincing? :grin: )
I tried to keep the textures the same as roblox so as to keep the look the same, but with upgraded lighting.
But other than that, thanks for the feedback.

It was convincing that it looked like roblox studio rather than blender. Maybe your using Eevee. Dont use that its quite poor. Better use Cycles for that good looking feel.

Yes i was also using Cycles. Maybe it has something to do with it being roblox meshes (low-poly so it looks like i have bad graphics) and that i am using the Roblox materials.

Hmm, then yes its definitely because of low quality textures. Maybe try adding more light and using the link I sent? Because I personally use the PBR textures for all my render needs.

You could use this texture: Concrete 030 on ambientCG for the walls.

Ok guys i remade the first render by changing the camera angles and adding some more focus/story to it, can you guys lmk what you think of the new GFX? (also there is vignette how fancy)

What do you think of the new version?

Not too bad but still lacks some depth and detail.