First GFX - Feedback?

Let me get this straight, I’m not too good at blender. But after a few tutorials I decided I would give my own GFX a try. It took me about an hour to make and it’s star wars themed.

Ignore the poorly made watermarks even though my work is worth a dime and a nickel

No backdrop ^

With poorly made backdrop ^

The hardest thing with making this was probably finding a good backdrop. As you can probably see, I failed. Other than that, feedback would be appreciated. Anything I could do better on?


It’s not bad!! I think you need to focus on colours a bit more to add some flavour into the GFX as it seems a little bit bland with primarily black, whites, and greys. Doesn’t have to be too colourful, but a bit of colours would be much more refreshing.


Look good for your first try, but if this is themed star wars, idk what you added for that theme

the guy in the image is from star wars

Oh, well i don’t watch star wars, so i don’t know, lol. :rofl:

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I like it. I think you could add more props or make the character bigger so there isn’t as much empty space though.

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Thats amazing! Stay motivated and you’ll improve in no time. Your have alot of creativity with thos renders, But you might need to improve the lighting. and try making folds (Clothing) Keep up the work!

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