First gui! Any tips?

Please give me tips!!



Look’s pretty good for your first gui, not to sure about the lines on the edges.


No no it’s the transparent thing

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Can’t believe this is your first GUI. I’d only change the background color to blue, while I’d also use UI Corners.

It looks really good! The only thing I would say is that the colors for the middle text make it seem less visible/eye catching. But that’s just me…

What color should I use? Aaaaaa

It’s a very simple GUI, maybe change the color to like a dark gray and round the corners a bit more.

what about now?


It looks a lot better! Maybe since it opens a golden crate the background is golden?

Keep it up, I personally would go along with that until you get more overview on your game to improve it somewhat. Satisfying so far.

wow first try!? keep this up and youll be amazing in no time!

OooOOoOOoooo i like it for your first gui im impressed!

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That’s your first? I’m shocked! It’s amazing, I have no feedback other than you could maybe make the background have a corner? Maybe with a UI Corner? Other than that it’s great!

Wow! Really nice!

Do you use Photoshop?

The contrast between the white “Buy” foreground and green background is not good UX, I wouldn’t recommend using the brightest colour on the colour wheel as a background with a white foreground, this is a mistake that alot of beginner UI designers make.

Though other than that your UI is amazing for a first piece.

I use aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

is it better?

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Yes, the english is a little off however. Change the sentance from “are you sure to buy a golden create” to
“Are you sure you would like to buy a Golden Crate?”. Otherwise the ui is good, you could remove the black border around close and byy, and make it a fading barely viisble shadow. Also try messing around with the blue colors, black could look better, as blue and gold dont match well. lol okkkk

what about now?

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The yellow makes it hard to see the white text and draws the attention off the text, the blue background was good, maybe keep the blue background and make the entire text a sunny yellow but with the word ‘Golden’ being in gold?