First gui made. Looking for feedbacks

Hi guys, I have made my first UI and I would love to hear any feedback and tips to improve it.

I started learning UI design a month ago, so I might not be able to answer or reply very well.

Program - Adobe Illustrator


It’s pretty nice and consistent especially for a first UI one thing I’d say is just make sure you’re scaling everything nicely like for example the text in some parts is stretched and looks a little weird but if you scale it better and make the size more proportional it would look even better


Thank you for your valuable feedback! I will make sure to scale text sizes evenly!


Alright, let’s give it a go…

  • Unless you’re planning to use 9-slice, these fancy frame borders will cost you more work than it’s worth it, you really don’t want to have a fixed size GUI these days
  • In general, it looks like those corners are just too rounded anyway, because it causes spacing issues placing other elements
  • Default (?) font doesn’t work here
  • Text in shop category tabs is clearly too big
  • Some of the smaller labels (pet amount) are hard to read and some (pet name) lacks contrast being black in darkish blue
  • Some of the butons have black text, some white

If you haven’t, I would advice trying to make GUIs in Roblox Studio first, so you would have a feel on what kind of issues people might run into while trying to transfer designs to the game.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will try and make UIs in Roblox Studio later!

I have 2 questions if you could answer it to me.

  1. What do you mean by planning to use 9-slice?
  2. Which font is called to be a default font? (The font I used is called Goudy Old Style)
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9-slice is a technique that allows to have fancier borders and corners together with flexible size frames. I’m not sure if Roblox has it, many engines do.

This looked like Times New Roman font, but either way, it doesn’t match the UI style. Given how round everything is, it could use something softer and rounder like Fredoka One.

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Pretty nice UI, the only thing I would recommend is to make it look a bit more simple so it fits the modern UI theme

Consistency between windows is good, black text on a gray background isn’t the best choice (try using white text across all UI’s?), some logos are stretched it seems and the shop menu’s navbar seems a little bit cluttered.

I like it, but like others have mentioned before, the text on some of them can look a bit odd, for me especially the pink ones in Shop seem stretched, and the Option one. Amazing start, though!

Pretty neat for a first UI! Just make sure text colouring is consistent