First house model

It’s my first house model can you please give me feedback for improve myself ?


Not bad, it’s a great start! If your going for more smooth materials, consider making it plastic.

For the smoke, you can use particles to go for a more realistic texture for the chimney. Unless, you already have use particles instead of the default smoke effect.


Thank you so much ! :grin:
Have a nice day ! :yum:

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Looks good for a start, but I so see some minor things that could use polish.

  • The left and right side of the door frame are different sizes. I don’t know if it’s a style choice or not but it is noticable. Also the door handle is quite big.

  • The window feels like it’s sticking out too much. If there was an interior, the window pane would be outside of the wall.

  • The roof looks really thin compared to the house. You could make the roof thicker and the frame thinner, or remove that rectangle at the top and add some overhang on the front.

  • And finally some windows on the other side of the house, or maybe even a dormer if you think it fits the style.

Overall, looks nice for a first house, you have a lot of the basics done well.


Thank you very much, have a nice day ! :grin:

Here the new version of the house ! :smiley:

New update :yum: :
Day version :sun_with_face: :

Night version :new_moon_with_face: :

Have a nice day ! :grin:

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Wow you really were busy, great improvement!

That looks like a house I would want to live in, well done.

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This is actually really good for a first house model!
I recommend making the window and door stick out less by changing the sizing grid to 0.1since it appears to be at like 0.5 and everything sticks out a lot. You could also add more windows too. Looks pretty good though and if this is just a first im curious to see what comes in the future.

Edit: somehow the second version wasnt loading before but i see it now and it looks great!

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man just having a little look and can definitely see improvement already keep it up!! it’s looking awesome

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Thank you so much ! :grin:
But I can’t promise you can live in :sweat_smile::joy: !
Have a nice day ! :sunglasses:

Thank you very much ! :yum:
I’ll imrove myself ! :grin:
Have a good day ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much ! :wink:
Have a nice day ! :smile:

New update :sunglasses::


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Re-update :yum: :

Night version :

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It looks good but I recommend using more materials like on the trees and the water and houses like making the grass and trees grass material and making the parts around the house wood material. The stepping stones could also be slate or concrete, if you are going for a style without texture for more low poly then that is fine and it still looks good. I feel like you could also expand the green plate that the house is on since the water on the back is just coming from nowhere and the water turbine (or water mill whatever it is) wouldn’t really be getting power from such a small spot of water. Other than that though it looks much better than before and It’s nice to see that you are adding to it.

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Honestly, great job for a first model. It looks like you’re going for a more low poly style but you’re using textures at the same time. Try heading fr more low poly-looking buildings (textureless and more blocky buildings) as a start because it seems like you’d be pretty talented in that area.

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I didn’t really see any textures on the build actually but im quite bad at noticing things lol

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Thank you very much for all of your comments ! :smile: