First "Low Poly" Style Build

Hello, This was my first Low Poly styled build, If you are experienced please tell me what I can improve on! :slight_smile:


wow not bad!
One thing I would change is the sidewalk texture.
Maybe you could use a noise texture.
and then turn the transparency down so it will match the color.

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That’s good for a low-poly beginner! Keep up the good work!

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It looks very nice, but low poly does not mean “non-realistic”. The windows on the house are too small, the door is slanted in an odd way, and grey bricks on the corner do not need gaps.


Nice job!

Looks good, especially for a first! If anything, just make some windows open, and a few more branches to the tree.

Wow this is really good for your first time. Good job!

Looks really good keep up the good work. I feel like there is a lot of parts in this building and I would suggest learning blender but otherwise looks great!

Looks great. There are other lowpoly style builds that are more complex but overall, nice first build.

I recommend giving the building shape it’ll be more low poly like that