First map ever review

Hello everyone, I am working on a snowball fighting game, and I completed my first map ever using blender, I feel like it is missing something though, if there is anything I can add please tell me, here is the map.

  • Maybe try adding more details to the houses, like windows and maybe a different color roof.


  • Maybe windows on the cars
  • I have no idea what the things in the backyards of the houses are, maybe try adding detail or something to it.
  • Try making the lamp posts more random, I think that would help the overall feel of the game.

I really like the style! The houses are a little on the bland side though, maybe add tiles at the rooftop?

And the trees are really skinny.

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Good idea. I should do that. I will add chimenys too

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Ok I will think them out, thanks

ok, good idea. Ill do that yeah the backyards are bad maybe ill add sheds

The yellow parts on the road should connect instead of drive off.
Add detail to the houses, too. Maybe mounts of snow everywhere so it is not even ground.

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i agree, but for this game im gonna keep it

@bostnm what do you mean by more random? style or positions?

I had the idea to make a snowball fighting game for the longest time but never got around to it,
Good luck on making the game!

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Thanks man. I will make it good.

I’m assuming you placed a tree in the backyards? Try adding more of these things in some of them. Also, the yellow lines look really bad when they don’t connect. Other than that though, I like it!

I meant mostly positions. Right now they are all just lined up perfectly in a straight line.

alright now that i look at it i agree, im gonna add axes/anvils trees and people in the back yards, ill connect those roads up too

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Thanks everyone for the recommendations the roads look a gazillion times better and I wil add more stuff to the backyards.

It looks much better already! Keep up the good work!!