First meme game I've ever made

Hello Developers,
I made one of the most annoying Simulator on Roblox (Still Work in progress)
Feedback & ideas are appreciated! Might use some advice too!

I made it few days ago but completely forgot about it somehow


I really like this idea it is a very creative concept cant wait to see more of your creations :+1: :grinning:


Hello Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to Roblox Developer Forum to gain feedback, suggestions and ideas for your creations.

I do have a little bit of feedback even though this is such a simple and easy-to-understand game. You simply freeze yourself and spam click a button to gain tokens until you disconnect.

My feedback/suggestions include the following:

  • Add a shop, so that you can buy something with those tokens.
  • Add a little bit more map design - Even though the game is simple, players love to see something while they play it, so try adding a classic(ish) built map, not too much detail [reference image(s) below]

  • Add quests/tasks w/ rewards
  • Daily rewards
  • Premium benifits

The listed things above are just ideas, yet I would be happy if you would consider them.

Goodluck with future development!


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Oh my! This is the best feedback I’ve seen in quite a while, I’ll be doing some of this especially the shop. Thanks a bunch!


its so original! Keep it up!

I like the idea!

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Hello Tixolate,

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it, as I try to help as much developers as possible with the knowledge I have!

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I accidentally stayed in the game during my zoom classes
RobloxScreenShot20210324_091735257 (2)


Just tenfolded my score

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This is a fun idea! One criticism as far as scripting is that you shouldn’t allow players to gain tokens before starting whatever process that boots them from the server. I’m looking forward to seeing how your game progresses!

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It’s an interesting game and a smart way to get visits :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yeah I didn’t realize this until I saw my visit count :smile:

that is amazing lol

Lol nice concept, we are waiting for more updates!

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