First minigame lobby build

This is the start of my first build. Making it for a minigame lobby. Probably far off the mark for minigame lobbies, was hoping to get a bit of feedback on things I could add that’d suit the environment and the game type. Was also wondering if there was too much detail in the path.

all feedback appreciated
fanks :relieved:



I like the low poly feel, did you make anything in blender, if so make it a little more obvious, its a great build for a beginner though!

No, made all in studio. Learning how to use blender atm :>


Oh, well the build is great! I can’t wait to see what you conjure up in the future!

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Looks Really good, I like it…

Anything you think I should add or take out? (e.g. a chest or something idk)

I feel a chest on the upper platform would be a great addition. Maybe have it linked to like group rewards? Anyways a chest sounds good.

On the upper platforms I was thinking of putting some leader boards up. But that also sounds like a good idea :grinning:

Ah, that sounds great as well! I feel a chest would go great anywhere.

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Looking good, I recommend adding variation with the trees and grass, the scene can get a tiny bit repetitive if the same asset is used over and over.

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Hey Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to the Roblox Developer Forums to receive feedback and suggestions for your creations, as you have dozens of people who want to share their opinion on your places/games with you!

I like how simple, yet detailed it looks at the same time, you used things like rocks, logs, grass, trees & more to make the game feel less empty.

What I suggest you to add are a few bushes as well, and perhaps a small cabin/building, a (wishing) well, or perhaps a pond/lake as well!

Other than that keep up the great work!

Looks really good! I like it! Are you still adding more to it?

Not sure if you plan to keep the colors a variety of greens and browns, but it would be nice to see some low poly flowers with various colors, or maybe a crop field. The rock/stone path looks a bit much, maybe because of how close they’re grouped; I think you should shorten the width of it and rotate some of them, but everything else looks great.

Yes, currently it’s around 60x60, but the full lobby size will be around 150x150.

Thanks for the recommendation, I made the path thinner and spread some lanterns out around the path. I’m also sticking to the variety of greens on the world border using analgolous colouring. I’ll make sure to add in low poly flowers with various colours and perhaps a field or something like it to fill in a bit of dead space :slight_smile: Thanks!

Once I’ve finished building it I’d love to send you the link :smiley: