First person arms

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    I want get arms in camera(like csgo) always

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    i do’t find any solutions…

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-- nothing ;-;

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Looks like you are modifying local transparency if I’m right? So the hands are the actual characters model.

If that’s true then well, it’s pretty difficult to align the hands to the torso modifying the view model (You would have to modify the waist C0 to position the torso where you want).

The best method is to create an entirely seperate viewmodel in order to avoid modifying the original character (animations from character might overlap with fist and cause issues and such)

Like so, I believe they use similar methods:


Yes im using local transparency modifier, but im need move real arms cuz if i do viewmodel in fight when player look up and hit it don’t be collide with other player

i need do like this:

arms moved up
by camera + cursor

I’m guessing you want to move the torso instead. Hope this gives you an idea as it’s what most roblox games do with their over the shoulder third person combat system.

Edit: Disclaimer, this does not necessarily mean it will look good in first person which is why I recommended a view model. But for fists I think it should be ok.


One cheeky way you can achieve this is by making a viewport frame that shows the POV of a clone of your avatar and set the camera’s cframe to the clone’s head.
The only problem with this method is that the hands won’t actually move up and down for anyone else.
Video explanation: A Sneaky Trick Most FPS Games Use - YouTube

I can show you an example if necessary.

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