First Person Shooter PSA: Respect the origin

You want your shooter game to run as smoothly as possible?

You should be aware of mouse rubber banding which will become more prominent as you move away from the world origin (0 position,, 0, 0)) due to floating point errors.

It’s best to see it yourself: (Best watched in fullscreen)

It’s expected that the mouse accuracy will drop the further you move your game map from origin. As the effect increases, small mouse movements will not change the camera orientation at all!

What should you do?

  • If you have a lobby and a gameplay map, you should move your lobby further from the origin while keeping the gameplay map centered around 0, 0, 0

So yeah. That’s kind of it.


Not to mention the image I tweeted, it demonstrates the issue when you go too far from the origin. Hence the graphical glitches.

Here’s the image uploaded.


Some people like to call it the ‘null’ zone. Either way, this thread brings up a great point that I think many people overlook.