First Project I Feel Comfortable Sharing

I’m Texan151, an experienced builder, community manager, and project initiator with approximately three and a half years of experience. Currently, I am working on an ambitious building project that I aim to transform into a fully-fledged game. Because my scripting knowledge is limited, I will primarily focus on building and developing the lore aspects of the world. I warmly welcome your feedback and discussions on how to make the game more enjoyable to play and enrich its lore. As someone who has struggled to complete projects in the past, I believe that sharing my progress on the devforum will provide the necessary motivation to see this project through to the end.


Factions (as of now):
Defense District - A tyrannical regime that ruthlessly enforces its policies by any means necessary. However, the once-powerful Defense District is now in decline, as internal strife weakens its grip on power. Its vast armies consist of forcibly conscripted soldiers who are underequipped and serve primarily as a tool of intimidation to subdue the population. The effectiveness of these forces as a competent fighting unit remains uncertain.

NeuroCorp - A prominent corporation specializing in technological advancements, particularly neural links. Their flagship product, “NeuroTech,” allows users to immerse themselves in a digital utopia. However, the wealthy elite who own the corporation view the civilians of D-12 as inferior and believe that individuals without NeuroTech implants pose a threat to humanity. They argue that those without the implants may hold dissenting opinions that could hinder their vision of the greater good.

The year is 2150, and a dire situation has unfolded. The Defense District has issued an evacuation order for all cities located in the southern region of the province known as “D-12.” Citizens are compelled to abandon their homes and enlist in the District’s Armed Forces. However, a once-dominant corporation, NeuroCorp, has circumvented the Defense District’s security measures. In a shocking turn of events, NeuroCorp forcefully gathers hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children in covert locations within D-12. There, they undergo medical augmentation, transforming into mindless military drones, driven solely by the desire to annihilate the Defense District and its soldiers.

The war has escalated to unprecedented levels, plunging the once-thriving industrialized cities into toxic wastelands. The under-equipped soldiers of the Defense District, who were forcibly conscripted with little to no training, are thrown into battle against the relentless onslaught of NeuroTech Corporation’s mind-controlled drones.

Now, the fate of this dystopian world hangs in the balance, and the outcome rests in your hands. Who will emerge victorious in this epic conflict? The decision lies with you.


^ Defense District soldier in a pile of bodies

^ “NueroTech” advertisement, damaged from heavy fighting

^ Allyway between buildings

^ A building that lay in ruin, a plasma impact lies in the middle (still smoldering).

^ A warning sign created by the DD, and an advertisement about genetic modification/age reducers

^ A building that is being occupied by military personnel

^ The interior of a DD troop carrier, as of yet unfinished

^ Standard DD uniform

^ Standard DD field officer uniform

Thank you for reading! I really would like some feedback!


i’d like to say that the game has better graphics in-game, but my pc is really bad so I have to keep my graphics to a minimum.


Hi !
The games looks interesting but don’t forget to put a link that bring us to it !


I so will once the game is in a better state, I am no where near close to finishing yet. The map is fairly small at the moment.


Could turn it into a survival game of some sorts, you need a programmer.

How experienced are you at coding?

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I’m totally down for some help, but I don’t have any way to pay you or anything. If you want to help out of passion then let me know.

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I will send updates as I work on the game.

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Updating the game soon, I will share pictures with you all.