First Realistic Sci-Fi Build

This is the first time I’ve ever tried building something realistic.
This is just something I kinda made up in my mind and kept going as I built…

Tell me any feedback or any ideas you have to add onto the build!

Video of build : Scientific Lab Build - YouTube


This is good, I’d say it’d look better if you add custom textures to the parts

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looks great, but i’d say i feel like the diamond plate texture is overused in some areas, so to compensate i think you should add some different textures there, or custom textures. as @jumpyfunk said above

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Are there any texture’s specifically you think I should use instead, I also found that there was a lot of diamond plating but I just wasnt sure what would really fit instead.

I agree with that diamond plate material is overused.

My advice is to not use diamond plate material at all, use Metal instead, and tune colors!
Don’t use diamond plate on walls, maybe try metal or concrete, it will look much better.

-Sci-fi does no mean Diamond plate material, just erase it from existence when creating anything sci fi, maybe you can use them for some floor platforms, or something like that.
-For monitors use smooth plastics on example…
-That human have wire where it shouldn’t belong…

I like the neon wall, those neon lights should have frame, like every light that has shell that is put into.

That’s my opinion, anyways, building quality ignoring materials choice is amazing!

Wish you the best in creating amazing places! Keep going!

I made some changes on materials!

I didn’t make many changes to the first room yet, but I did to the second (aswell with adding a hallway) and am still working on the rest of the changes because the other walls look empty.

This is the 2nd room now.

I’m not completely sure what to put in this corner.

I aswell opened up this door and added a hallway that will add to a larger overview room or something along the idea.

Added this dirt texture to the floors as seen

Hope this shows some improvements ! Any more help / suggestions would be helpful!

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This game seems pretty damn good, is it like a horror? If yes I think that first person would fit the game

Not 100% sure yet what it is gonna be. Kinda just let my mind auto-pilot and started building.

Update! Built some new stuff!

  1. Expanded… a lot!
    red box is what is was before

  2. Working elevators!
    there are a total of 3 elevators

  1. Horror FOV changes
    i plan to add a jumpscare sound / character chase player part possibly | these are one way, once player touches them once they cannot happen again.

  2. Rooms!! Lots of new rooms!

  3. C4 Explosion!
    pick it up here!

    explode here

thats all for now, if you have any suggestions for rooms / features let me know, not sure if i want to make this a horror game or just a showcase

play-test the game here!!!


(sorry for the wall of text lol)
This build is honestly really cool! I’m suprised I didn’t see it before, it looks really really good and honestly its more detailed that I thought it would be, great job! I do have one suggestion for the explosion though and that’s to make the door break into multiple pieces and become unanchored, since even though it is convenient to just have the door disappear when it explodes, it would be really cool to see a few pieces of the door go flying, you could probably do this by making a grouped model of that same door but in multiple connected fragments / pieces, then when the c4 (or whatever explosive it is) explodes, all you have to do is unanchor the door and make sure the force of the explosion affects the pieces. It might be sorta difficult though (depending on how you go about doing it) so you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or it ends up being too difficult (unless that’s just me because my brain is a smooth cube :flushed:). It’s just a random idea I had for the explosion while scrolling through this topic. It looks amazing btw! keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna add next update.

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Looks sweet.

Why are you not using MaterialServices and change the parts to more newer textures, and or your own custom MaterialServices? It would knock your build out of the park!

Like changing the diamond plate alone would be epic…

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Looks amazing but maybe change some of the textures, would suggest PBR if you’re aiming for realistic build

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I will take a look into this !!!
Currently working on a project for a group so when I get back to this project I will make sure to get this done.

Thank you!!
Definitely agree with the door explosion, would look awesome. I will check out how to do that

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