First Roblox Armor - Feedback

Darth Marr / Sith Reaver

My first morph ever.
If there’s anything I can improve/change/etc, please let me know.


I :clap: love :clap: this!!! Now really, this is very very amazing and its very cool. Like i said I LOVE THIS!!! Keep up the good work.


Thanks buddy, I appreciate it.


I like it, the side flaps on the legs look a bit weird is all, other than that it’s really good. [Side flaps being the skirt overall lol]


If this wasn’t your first morph i would say you had years of experience.
It looks awesome.
As @EVILER778 said: keep up the good work.


Very nicely done. It’s very proportionate, there doesn’t look to be any shading errors from bad modelling, and it doesn’t look like you’ve gone over the top with your vertices either. I could tell instantly what it was before I even read your opening post, making it a good model for sure.

Just out of curiosity, will you be taking the model further with some custom texturing, or are you happy enough to use Roblox’s native materials?

Overall a great first morph, I’m looking forward to seeing the finalised product at some point in the future :+1:


looks awesome. i really liked the design, it seems like a spiky armor meant to increase attack or defense in some sort of rpg game.


looks phenomenal! can you put it into Roblox to see what it looks like?


Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind for future morphs.

In my eyes, this is an average morph. My mentor criticized a lot of the aspects on the morph, so I’ve improved on it, but I still have much to learn and go through, but thank you!

@sethsethisthebest I will not be texturing it, at least not for now - since I’ve quit texturing a long time ago due to my PC being unable to handle texturing programs. Thank you.

@narutokyubo Thank you very much!

@Tacodude017 One of these days, I’ll remake it and import it to see how it looks and let you know! Thank you.