First Roblox Game Showcase

Hi! I’m SpookyChip and I have created my first game! I would just like to share it with you fine people on this devforum. This game is a simple tycoon that I have been working on and is relatively basic. The game is nowhere near finished but I would appreciate any feedback that you are willing to provide. This game is mainly just a learning experience and would I like to move on to bigger things once I’m familiar with both Lua and Roblox Studio. Thanks and have a great rest of your day!

Game: Project


Overall, I think the game is well made. Everything works as expected and I didn’t run into any problems.

I do have some suggestions for changes/updates.

  • Move the money UI to one of the bottom corners.
  • Add a second currency which you get from a rare ore spawning. This currency could be used for multipliers or boosts.
  • Rather than adding new ores to the same world, introduce new planets for further progression.
  • Add a daily reward that incentivizes players to come back.

tl;dr- In general, adding a little more for players to track would spice up the game. I see you plan to do that already by adding rebirths and such. All in all, the game is well made.

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Thanks for the suggestions Tashi!

I’m currently working on adding more content to the basement level that was released yesterday and just adding more areas overall so that gameplay does not feel that repetitive. I was also thinking about another currency and I was not to sure about it but I’m glad you thought the same way. Daily rewards are in the works and would most likely reward some of that new currency yet to be added.

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