First Shoulder Pet!

My inspiration to graphic designing, modelling and everything about ROBLOX developing is @Coble3D. I wanted to do some that would thank him or honor him for inspiring me to become a ROBLOX developer. So I thought to make him a UGC. I thought of a plushy kind of look for his character. So I made this:

I currently don’t have authorization to publish it as a UGC. Therefore I need someone’s help to publish as a UGC. If anyone can help me or if anyone can publish it, please DM in discord to: FireLord#7173
It would truly be a dream come true.

Model Link: Coble Shoulder Pet - Roblox


I mean it would be hard but you could get him to publish it ignore this if he’s not in ugc

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It looks good! Keep it up!

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Looks nice! I’m not sure if this would be accepted as a community creation, but I wish you the best of luck to find someone to upload and it and hope it gets accepted!

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