First showcase game

This is my first showcase.
Its pretty much a space station hallway. I wanted to start of small so I could get a basic idea on building showcases and tried detailing this as much as I could.
I posted it on a discord server and 1 thing someone told me was that the depth of field and lighting was way to strong, So I’ve taken that into consideration and redone that.
This is the redone version, The game also has music to really give an ‘atmosphere’ but could I have any advice on how to make this more space themed? Apart from the colour scheme which I know could’ve been better is there any lighting settings you would recommend?


While the build looks good, I think your lighting choice looks decent from the start you could possibly add point lights and a lower lighting source in the hallways normally featuring a small amount of lighting. You could try playing around with the (Outdoor_Ambient - ColorShift_Top).

There is a bit much lighting added to a scene which is alright, it depends if you’re wanting a low light through the hallway, but there is floor lighting positioned in the ground, making the build one entire color while the other lighting helps cast that low bright appearance. Even if you remove some of the lighting it’ll still help reflect those colors on different parts of the build perhaps add vents in the walls or flooring with a metal material, something that matches the theme.

I’ll attach an image below to give you a good overall understanding on what I mean about smaller lighting and low lighting through the hallway something that you could take if ever needed. I believe “space station hallways“ feature a low lighting source with neon material acting as light not a bright appearance?



Thank you, Will take that into consideration.


Looks great! Only thing I have to say is that the lighting is very strong. If I looked at this long enough I would get a headache which is not what you want for a showcase. Dial back the brightness and neon a bit and it will be perfect.

Hope this helps.


I love the building, good details and really good colors!
Only thing i see that would need improvements is the lightning, it’s very bright in some places in the build.
Try turning down the brightness in your lights ur using or the brightness in lightning.
And now for building, try adding props that would be seen in a space station.
For example:
small computers.
monitors telling information about the oxygen and the current state of the station.
Maybe some space themed crates/boxes in some places…
and some place where the space suits would be located


I honestly like it. It looks better than most of the stuff that I make. But the light is way too bright. I would Recommend to darken the light a little bit. Also About that x decal. It looks stretched out. Which the best way to solve this issue personally is to try a couple decal images to see which one would fit the best.
Other than that I think this is a pretty good first showcase :).


I really like the style and the build itself! But I don’t really like the bloom effect on it, it’s a bit stronger than it should be, you should decrease it a bit and you should add a point light to every neon part as well, it will add a realistic look to it. You should also decrease the brightness of the lights to add a mysterious sci-fi look to your build.
Overall I like your build. It just need little touchs.