First Time Animating I think i did decent?

Did my First Animation and want some feedback. Tried to go for somebody playing the Guitar. I didn’t Animate the Guitar (not sure how to but ill figure it out). I know when the Animation starts he grab it which the Guitar is floating. I don’t know much about Animation but for a first I think I did alright.

Looks good, just needs some movement in the guitar too!
Gotta get the perfect Guitar Hero. :guitar:


The arm movement looks really good, but I think the head is a little too stiff. Also, like @0Zer0Her0 said, the guitar should move too

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For first time animation, its pretty good

Here some advice: Add more easing, besure to enable easing color in the options for easier easing, watch some IRL reference videos of people doing it, or maybe film it yourself with a prop, it will a hellolololot, and if you want to be good at animation then you have watch a lot.

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Maybe you could try having the foot tap down repetitively during the playing of the guitar? Keeping rhythm yk

Looks good!

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This animation looks VERY good! Nice job on it!

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