First Time Building, Suggestions?

Hello guys, I’ve recently started building and was wondering if any of you guys have any tips or suggestions. I started with this building, I tried my best. And also what extra plugins for builders should I use.


Change the materials and always try new things even if you think it’s hard. :smiley:

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I think the overall shape of the building is unique. But I would try to add bushes or plants on the outer front of the building. I don’t see anything to talk about with the interior. But so far, I think this building is looking good!


I’d say you should add more details and little details to the build. But for your first time building it’s fine! Good job.


Sorry to bother you, but what details would you suggest. You don’t have to go in depth, but like if you could can you elobrate. And thanks to everyone aswell as you for responding and giving feedback. Much appreciated.

The stuffs which @antojensob said, benches, a plaque with the name of the place, trees, those small details make all the difference.

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Ah, I see. I really appreciate your help, I’ll do so.

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I think that you should try adding better lighting.

For a first time building that looks really great! The materials look good with the build. Keep it up! :smile: