First time Game Icon and Thumbnail

Hey there so recently I was messing round with chatgpt and midjourney and after a few questions and description and I managed to make this:

First time ever making a icon and thumbnail and you can probably tell midjourney did the background and I did the title.

But ye just wanted your opinion on it


Looks good overall
I feel the chest icon and the Title display doesn’t really fit the art portrayed and it also looks like the man is standing on water

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I wouldn’t stick with these, personally. For one, these icons don’t represent the game in any way; while I don’t actually know your game personally, I can say for certain it doesn’t look like either of these pictures. Secondly, of course, is the use of AI to do everything but plaster text on these images. The AI’s images are wildly inconsistent and, well, pretty much meaningless, as rather than being works of art they are simply a product produced by a machine.

If you want to make a much better thumbnail, which is more true to what your game actually is, just make a scene using your game’s models in Studio, and then touch it up from there. This will not only give your game a more consistent and, arguably, professional appearance, but it will also allow players to get a quick glimpse of what your game is, and whether or not they would like to play it. In my personal opinion, I’m much more likely to click on a game if I can actually see what said game looks like in the thumbnail, rather than just a flashy illustration or render.


Those icons look amazing but they don’t look like gameplay as mentioned my @FlustereDev who makes some good points. I would like to criticize the images in another way in terms of design since Flustere has taken mentioned all of my problems already.

The text compared to the images use completely different a color palette and don’t match the image. For the icon I would vertically stack the text and bold it more for visibility due to how small the text it. A good way of checking for visibility and contrast is to make your image small and see if you still can read it.


I wasn’t going to 100% use them all the time but I just wanted to show that ai can help as these images to about 20 minutes to make and with a bit more description changing and photoshopping could maybe pass for a good roblox icon/thumbnail

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On the title, why is there a fish floating in the sly. I would change it to something else.

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What did you use to do this

also it’s funny how I bumped the topic after 69 days

it really isn’t funny vscplays.


I would keep the icon because the title looks nice and it’s a nice image. It gets my attention.

I would use an in-game image for the first thumbnail and make sure it is a high quality image of part of your game( if there is a person you want to make a part of it, make it take up a large enough proportion of the image to be clearly visible). Lastly, i would keep the AI-generated thumbnail as an additional thumbnail. It’s cool.

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This icon and thumbnail look good.