First time making a gun with blender

In the last few days I just started using blender, after watching like 2 tutorials, I tried to make my own low poly gun mesh, and this is the result:

I’d love to get some feedbacks and maybe suggestions on how I can improve it (or any other meshes I’m going to make).

Edit: fixed trigger part


Looks hot for a first time, I don’t do modeling and stuff like that, so I don’t think I could be much help with feedback and suggestions.


Well, thank you for the feedback then, I appreciate.

The side view looks pretty good but it be looking kinda thin. I’d suggest thickening the gun.

Yeah maybe that would work, I’ll see what I can do.

I’d say its good for the first time.

Looks good for a beginner! If you don’t know how to make it look like what you want to make, you should take a look at real images or models by others so you’ll know how you can improve it by making it similar/almost the same to it.

Looks pretty good! I agree with @StrangeShiner with it being a bit too thin. Also, the trigger should be pushed forward a bit more as currently, it looks like its on the handle of the gun.

Greetings, your pistol, in my opinion has a simple and fairly good look, though, maybe you should make the rear sight and the front sight, (the small parts of the gun in-top), to be a little bit bigger, because the ones in your gun appears to be too small.

Overall, it looks good, though, you should add some more details for your gun and more proper appearance for it.

To also make you aware, for the parts of a gun, please see the following image.

I’ve used this image to make the mesh, that’s why I made the rear sight and front sight like that

And yeah, some more details would look good, but I’m not gonna add to much more than that since I’m to focusing on low poly style.

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I thickened the gun out, it looks much better, I tried to replicate the trigger and as you can see in the reference image up here, it just looks like that, no idea why.

Try to use a reference with both front and side views, your gun looks pretty flat, maybe try bevelling off some of the edges and add more detail to the x axis. From the image it looks like it extrudes out a bit and could do with a bit of texture. It looks a lil thin but I’ve never seen a gun irl before. It looks like it been shaded flat, might be wrong, but if it is, try shade it smooth, it’ll help get rid of sharp edges in turning points c:

This looks extremely nice for a first time, i’d suggest trying to round out some corners such as on the handle.

Looks good, definitely looks better than mine.

mine looks terrible.

Did you make it with Roblox studio?

Yes, I should definitely find a modifier to do that instead of doing it manually.

I already tried to use shade smooth, it makes the gun look like it’s organic, there should be a modifier for that but I don’t know the name, this is how it looks with shade smooth, and I think that it’s pretty ugly.

And yeah I didn’t find a good image with front and side view.