First time putting tools into Blender


Looks Good Just Put On Some Shoes :sweat_smile:

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Ahaha Need to get some new pants :smile:

I personally think it looks great

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thank you so much for the feedback!

I agree with @BaggyChris, this guy is barefoot. Also, the clothing is a bit off for what you are trying to do. Give him some bronze armor. Also, the shield is a bit short of a roman tower shield.
Wait, why is the background scifi? What is happening in this gfx?!

Im not quite sure how to do the armor yet I’ve only been doing this for a few days. But thank you for the feedback!

The outfit doesn’t really match any of the other colors in the image.

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I wasn’t trying to make it look good I was just testing the tools out

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It looks good, I also like the roman shield used within the gfx, however you could try refining the edges of the symbol on the shield, maybe try adding some sort of an aura to the background around the character also, other then that it’s great work

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Thank you and i’ll make sure to work on that