First time using blender for low-poly builds

Hello Roblox Dev Community,


This is my first time creating something in blender, have not watched any tutorials for the tree. I do did learn how to keep repeating an build in strikes from a site. The texture is from Ro-Builders their discord. I hope u like it.

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Hope everyone has an good day, cya! :wave:

The foliage is too low poly. This text will be blurred

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If you are mimicking the famous oak, then it’s way to chunky. Having one mesh sat utop the branches is rather unappealing as I suggest you place duplicates of the mesh with varying rotation and size and spacing it out so the randomness of it will fit the nature of foliage, no pun intended.

For your next practice I heavily suggest at least look up images of what you want to create so you can judge for yourself how accurate your model is and no matter what keep practicing so you can jump over the blender learning curve asap! Good luck on your modelling journey my friend.

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@Cafran and @NinjaFurfante07 thank you for your responds. I really appericiate the feedback. I took this tree as inspiration



I am right now thinking that this tree is also really thick, for those branches i made 2 different ones. But for those leafs or yeah green big balls i just copied and made them different orientation and size and beveled. I am gonna try to make the trees less thicker and maybe more variaty.

I just don’t know what you mean by ‘The foliage is too low poly’? Could u maybe explain it in an longer sentance? Do u mean that those leafs are like too blocky in an circle? For the rest thank you guys for your feedback. I am an programmer but wanted to learn building/modelling aswell. Hope you have an good day! Cya :waffle: :wave:

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Sure what I meant by “the foliage is too low poly” is that it’s made of too many little square, if you compare yours with the one in the picture you referred to you can see that there are less. If you used shade smooth on it it could have been ok but this way it’s not really goodlooking. I hope I explained it well now

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Yes you did :smiley: am gonna compare the smooth one and squary one in 5 minutes…

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