First Time Using Blender

My first GFX! thoughts?

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Really not liking the outfit, its kind of like trying to flex wealth in roblox which is something thats not… ideal. The GFX itself is okay for first try. The character is tilting and the name doesnt match it. If its a watermark then thats not what it looks like and can be easily edited out. Usually, GFX characters dont have darker lighting in the characters face. Finally, none of the limbs are moved and there is no prop or even background. So try to experiment with these. hope this helped

Hey there, this seem a good try at using Blender for the first time. Only feedback I have is you should consider watching various of YouTube videos and/or join couple of GFX servers e.g GFX Castle. The background is too red, plainly boring and hurts my eyes, you should consider adding something appealing like beach or city. You should pose your character, maybe holding a weapon or food. Edit your photograph in Photoshop or Paint net, find better fonts on DaFont or 1001freefonts. Good try at making it for your first time. Obviously add more lighting to your character make it show your face.

Good try on your first gfx, I could suggest you to make a pose for it. Besides that, maybe put a suitable background and lighting for it. Anyway, keep up the work.

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As for a first try, It’s fairly good. If you really want to get into it I recommend to get the rig that is made for GFXs, Then re-texture it to your skin and use pose mode to do some poses, You can also insert .obj files so you can add a background such as a city and more.

RIG: (Please be careful of the fake download ads.)
Tutorial on how to use:

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I would provide a background try for your 1st time using blender. It’s pretty good for you 1st time using blender, nice job!


I guess maybe move around more like do a pose, and the camera is a bit rotated. The text is I guess eye straining but first times not the best so yeah learn more.

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Yea I just tried learning in my own imma watch YouTube videos next time.

I mean just a slight flex and great suggestions thanks!

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Thanks I will do , it’s not a watermark tho I should of did better.