First time using GFX pack for my GFX how does it look?

Heyo, GFX Artist and fellow developers.

I am lnlock, I’ve been a GFX Artist since 2018.
I just started to use GFX Packs for my GFX, I wanted to get some feedback on it.


Thank you for you’re time, And replies! :dizzy:

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It looks pretty nice! Nice job! :wink:

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What GFX pack did you use? Do you have a link to it?

What is a GFX pack? I am a GFX designer, so I am surprised I dont know what this is lol

Well for feedback, I would say the lighting isn’t too dramatic and it needs some work. If you want you can use my free blender lightroom.

Click me

^ All the GFX Packs I use is there.

Also, I have updated my GFX