First Tree Made In Blender!

Hello, and today I finally wanted to try learn blender again for 10th time.
And this time was the best!
I actually didn’t know it’s that easy.


In Blender:

Thanks for any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I made 3 other trees, now there’s 4 trees lol

Another edit: +2 new pine trees


Wow, Thats nice.

I love the tree.


The tree looks cool. I know that making nature is difficult, so I’m proud that you managed to make a nice tree as a beginner blender user. :smile:

(sorry for any mistakes but I’m still learning English)


for a first tree, it’s decent! :+1:

edit: maybe you could make some sphere parts a bit squashed, if you know how to do it, other than that its good!


It’s hard to find good blender modelers for cheap price. As only scripter and UI designer I really need blender modeler for low poly things. So I’m trying to learn blender. Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:

give this a try:

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I support Zilibobi tree, I love it a lot; it gives me cartoony vibes!
Zilibobi tree supremacy :pray:

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easy for you but not for me, i am actually bad at 3d modeling in blender


Cool! I can’t even make anything in blender


Literally me :weary: but finally getting better at it!

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A couple other youtubers that have awesome blender tutorials:
Grant Abbitt
Blender Guru

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nice trees :smiley:
i like them, except this:
Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 9.10.08 AM

it’s only looking like idk, there’s the how it looks from a different view:

edit: it’s blender’s randomize function

still looks like it was punched into pull those two vertices out

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You should go ahead and manually fix that otherwise its going to look like someone took a nice bite out of your tree.

It looks so good, congratulations!

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My favorite channel is ro-builder, he is very advanced builder.

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I really like them! They would be perfect for low-poly builds!

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