First two models of cars!

Well, Basically in my free time I decided to experiment with building vehicles (which like other things I almost never do) and the result is not very good in my opinion. I hope they are at least decent to look at.

Bye giraffe cars.

(Red car)


(Green / Lime car)


I am not satisfied, so I guess I will remodel them. I hope some of you can tell me something else to add!


Pretty cool! But it looks a bit weird.
I edited your screenshot for feedback and here is the result:


I’m getting a cartoon vibe from these. They could use some work, but overall good job!

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One thing about this is, Why are the cars so long? They look like a limo, I would recommend make the seats smaller so you can make the car shorter. Otherwise, great work!


The cars look a little weird to me. Firstly, the wheels on both cars are way too thin and look like bicycle wheels. Secondly, they looks a little too long, try shortening it. Thirdly, I recommend you add more details inside of the cars, like a steering wheel, peddles, maybe a hanging toy. I think the cars would look much better with these changes.

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I have to agree with the reply above. The car seems to be super long. In real life, they don’t have that long side of the car, they need to be short like the normal car. Also, as I look into the front of the car. The tire also seems to be too thin. Try making it thick like this example image I screenshot and edited.

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Hi guys, i really appreciate the recommendations and ideas that you all gave me, they are helping me a lot to remodel and improve my ability to make vehicles!


Yeah I agree with the other replies that the vehicle is too long, it would fit more for a bus or truck type vehicle. And I also agree with @BloxPixel that the wheels are too thin, if this was real life, the wheels would collapse on all the weight being put on it.

Do the doors have doorhandles or window handles

Pretty good other then the fact that you didn’t do a good job with sizing. Here’s an example of a good car: