First weapon model i have created in blender

updated models, this time showcasing pump shotgun and walter ppk


It look pretty good I don’t see anything unless it going be a gun you ain probably want add a scope but it good and what color or you going to used on it


A pump action shotgun like that should have a breach on the side where is ejects shells, also another area under that to load shells. It looks great for a first time though


It’s a shotgun. Adding a scope wouldn’t make sense since it’s designed for close range.

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I don’t see a trigger on it. Shotguns have triggers on them right?

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wasnt done with the model, i need to fix a few things on it because blenders frame rate drops when im on it for a long time

if you want to texture it with roblox’s materials i suggest exporting the different parts as different meshes but overall not bad for a beginner :smiley:

Yes it close range but some people still like scope on shotguns

Adding scopes to weapons like handguns or shotguns is quite useless especially with shotguns.

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It looks basic but also smooth at the same time
Looks like something ROBLOX would use for a gear

There’s a bit of weird shading on the stock that I think comes from not turning on autosmooth. There isn’t a hole to put the shell into the shotgun (there is a name for this but idk what it is). Still, pretty good for a first attempt at a weapon.

The point of a scope is to focus on an object at far distances. A shotgun’s buckshot is sprayed over a large area when it’s fired making it a close range weapon rendering the scope useless.

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