First week on modeling in blender

Im Starting to learn blender, i had it installed for about a year now but i havent opened it once, i decide to start working on models and i think for my first week im doing pretty good, i learn all the basics (Modifiers,Bevels, Sub Division Surfaces,Extrudes ETC) Here are some of my first 2 models rate them! Feedback is apperciated :wink:

This one is a WIP heres some pictures :


My custom sword for a game im making :

Applied some random textures for this one

Lastly, a tophat i tried to make, probally my worst model

Hope to hear feedback soon! Do you think i can be apart of the ugc program? Opinions?


lol, not right now at least!
i like your tophat, I think its way better than the sword with a square handle.