Fish Monster Model!

Hello, everyone! :smile:

Here goes my progress in modelling! :fire: :four_leaf_clover: I don’t even know how I created it; I honestly didn’t even know I could make something like this already.

It’s the best model I’ve created so far. In general, I love creating imaginary creatures, but I usually do them in drawing form; this is the first time that it comes out in a 3D model. I am truthfully flabbergasted :rofl:

It is a fish monster! How can I describe it? That’s the best I have: a fish monster. :joy: I feel like I unconsciously based it on a gulper eel, but it clearly has more than just that. The fins maybe look somewhat like flying fish’s wings, and the teeth just look uninviting :joy:

I don’t know.
What do you think? :star_struck: I’m really glad of it. I used Eeve for most renders, and I don’t yet have added set materials for it. I am planning on some dark browns and yellows, though. For now, it just gets a silver blue, though :smile:

What are your thoughts?


It’s pretty good if you are going for a blocky style.

If you would like it to appear more curved then you might want to have it rendered with Smooth Faces (if using Blender) to take out the sharp corners.


This fish monster model looks good! Nice job on it!