Fishing Life Changelog


:hammer: Built and Drawn by KEVBloxTime :art:
:computer: Programmed by funwolf7 :lab_coat:
:musical_note: Music Composed by JACK_GlBSON :musical_score:

Update Log


August 5th, 2021

  • Removed Anniversary event.

Update Archive


July 22nd, 2021

Anniversary Event

  • Added 5 new side quests to Alyx (Talk to him after you beat The Broken Windmill to start the event!)
  • Added 6 new event fish (will be removed after the event)
  • Added 3 new pets: Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake and Strawberry Cake
  • Added a new area: Alyx’s Laboratory
  • Added 1 new track for Alyx’s Laboratory (youtube will be updated soon)


  • You are only allowed to pick ONE pet. Choose wisely!
  • Resetting data does not allow you to recomplete the event. You will start with the pet you chose regardless.
  • The event ends August 5th, 5pm EST (2 weeks)

Please note that we pulled together this event is just 5 days, which is why this update is quite small. We have been working on Al Babari for a long time now and we want to take each step to make sure the island is as perfect as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for such an amazing year working on this game! When we released this game a year ago the game was bare bones and had little to do. Seeing how much our team has built and improved over the last year is amazing. So once again, thank you!


July 22nd, 2020

Settings Revamp

  • Added sound sliders for Music and Sound Effects
  • Added ability to change chat tags (if the player had one)
  • Added ability to insert codes. Use code SplishSplash for 2500 gills


  • Introduction of Lessons, which is replacing the old Tutorial
  • Access taught Lessons through Squawky, a Stone Bird who remembers everything taught to the player (4 lessons total: Maps, Quests, Fishing, Fishing Duels).

Quest Helper

  • Added a Quest Helper, a white arrow above the players head which points to the direction of the current quest being tracked
  • Tracks most quests (some, like finding objects, do not track)
  • Change which quest is being tracked in the Quest List (More info taught in Lessons)

Pet System

  • Added pets to the game!
  • 2 Pets total: Pet Rock and Morpho Butterfly

Kev Quests

  • James, a new bean in Santa Rosalia, is a bookworm! Try talking to him after completing “Bandit Beatdown.” He may have some quests for you…
  • Special rewards for completing each KEV Quest


  • Added a sell all button
  • Improved running with an FOV effect
  • Added face changing when talking to NPC’s aswell as replaced the keyboard sound
  • Decorated much, MUCH more around Santa Rosalia
  • New song for Title Screen
  • Too many bug fixes and enhancements to list
Version 0.2.0

March 20th

Complete Santa Rosalia Questline

  • 5 New Main Quests
  • Introduction of the Evil Organization: The Bandits
  • New Location! Bandit Hideout
  • New Quest Specific Minigame: Fishing Duels

Side Quest

  • Added a test side quest from a Travelling Merchant. Catch 50 fish for them and they may reward you generously.

Fishing Changes

  • Added a 2nd Minigame to fishing: Centering.
    Keep the fish within the hotbar for a certain amount of time (indicated by the growing bar)!
  • Added fishing rod statistics:
    ± Junk Chance: Indicates the likelihood of catching Junk.
    ± Minigame Effect: For Matching, changes amount of arrows. For Centering, changes amount of bar needed to catch fish.
    ± Sink Speed: Indicates time it takes for bobber to begin sinking.
    ± [Rarity] Chance: Indicates the likelihood of catching a specific rarity of Fish.


  • Added 1 new track: Bandit Theme
  • Recomposed all current and future tracks by Jack Gibson (SuperSaiyanDragonJ)


  • Mobile Support!
  • Santa Rosalia is now in Cherry Blossom Season
  • New Title Screen with the addition of a Changelog
  • Removed the Alpha Badge and added the Beta Badge
  • Decorated much more in and around the Island
  • Improved Saving
  • Various Bug Fixes
Version 0.1.5

December 27th, 2020

  • Santa Rosalia has become Snowier!
  • Added a Rewards Card Gamepass (x1.5 Gills) (R$350)
  • Added a Functioning Quest System
  • Added a Complete Tutorial
  • Switched to Future Lighting, making the game look more Realistic
  • Decorated more Inside Town Hall and the Shop
  • Various Bug Fixes
Version 0.1.4

November 4th, 2020

  • Added Functioning Fish-O-Pedia
  • Added Fish Rarities
  • Added Currency System
  • Added Buy and Sell System, with the addition of buying new Fishing Rods (they do not give statistic changes yet)
  • Added the Crystal Cavern, along with 4 new, unique Fish
  • Added Run Button (Ctrl)
  • Various Bug Fixes
Version 0.1.3

August 26th, 2020

  • Custom Music System
  • Functioning Mute Music Button
  • Functioning Tips (25R$)
  • Toggle-able Chat Tag
  • Data Stores (Data now saves) along with Data Reset
  • Bag Limit of 20 Fish
  • Touchups around the map
  • Various bug fixes
Version 0.1.2

August 1st, 2020

  • Added sound effects for fishing
  • Added blur effect for GUI
  • Added dynamic cutscene while fishing
Version 0.1.1

July 28th, 2020

  • Player Collisions turned off
  • WASD is now used as an alternative to Arrow Keys during Fishing
  • Fishing Rod and other assorted bug fixes
Version 0.1.0

July 22nd, 2020

  • Game Release

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