Fishing Rod Bending Animation

Hello, I saw an fishing system showcase which was pretty interesting however there is one thing i want to know, how did they make the fishing rod bend? (images below)

What I tried: I tried mesh deformation (in blender) which worked perfectly but when i imported it to studio and tried to animate the fishing rod, the rod could not be bended!

What I want: I hope someone will guide me on how do do this

I made this super realistic fishing rod with a couple bones and imported it into roblox through avatar > import 3d > select your fbx file (make sure when exporting out of blender you set the scale to 0.01).
You can delete the initial poses and the model should automatically contain an animation controller.

P.S: If you are using moon animator it will not work because moon animator does not support skinned meshes

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Thanks, I had another thing i was wondering.
How do i animate both the character and the fishing rod together so i can just use the script to load the animation into dummy and play it?

Load the animation for the fishing rod into the animation controller

is that a game called holy war x???

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