Fishing Simulator Idea

Fishing Simulator is a game that already exists, and I was wondering a couple things.

  1. Can I make another Fishing Simulator?

We know that copying games is bad but firstly, I’m willing to compete with the competition, secondly, I’m not stealing any assets of any kind (I’ve never played the other Fishing Simulators). Lastly, I think Fishing Simulator is something hard to be claimed for copyright.

How the game works?

First of off I just want to re clarify I randomly thought of this idea. Anyway you spawn on a lobby to start your adventure. You go through a series of tutorials, as well as your boat automatically spawns in the sea.

Here’s a couple features, to fish you must be on your boat, fishes are visually visible in the water as well as upgrades can be applied onto your boat such as storage space upgrades, hiring fishermen for auto fishing, larger space and etc.

You can obtain better fishing rods as well as I want to inherit the idea of Enchants which can be applied to the fishing rods.

I also plan to have a market where people can sell fishes, items, and rods.

So firstly, can I make a fishing simulator?

Also would you play a game like this?

  • I would play
  • I might play
  • I might play if more information is provided (Please let me know what information you will need below)
  • I wouldn’t play
  • Don’t know

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EDIT: I can change the name as well.


Well, the thing is it’s a simulator while most people all most half of people would not play it because simulator’s are just played out at this point like and there are all ready so many of them and people all most just take your idea and just re-make it to a better idea. That’s just me tho.

Indeed, it is a challenge but I’m willing to compete with the current games. The main thing I’m wondering is if I would get in trouble for using the title.

Yes, if there is already a game named that.

There’s is actually 2 games with the same name called that, which makes me wonder if I could as well.

EDIT: Can the title be copyrighted as well?

XD I just new looked it up well I guess not but at the same time I don’t thing it’s a good thing because if you want people to play your game and they see it’s called fishing sim it would make things bad within roblox saying he copyed this and it’s bad and all that.

It sounds like you’re kinda trying to enter an occupied niche inside an already saturated area. If you’re planning on it being successful that’s already a double red flag. Triple red flag if you choose to compete under the exact same name as the established game.

That being said fishing games can take more forms than just endless upgrades and numbers going up. I’m sure you could get creative if you tried.


Any suggestions then?

Again, I’ve never played these other fishing simulators and have no idea how their system work. I do want to continue with my work maybe I could change the title?

EDIT: I’m also pretty sure my concept is unique then the other Fishing Simulators.

If I had to throw out suggestions, progression can be skill/knowledge based instead of just dependant on how long you’re willing to stand and wait/click. E.g. make fish only appear in certain places and make them only catchable with the right bait, and leave clues to decipher how to catch certain fish.

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Thanks for this valuable suggestion! I did plan to have bait as well as most of the stuff you mentioned but one new thing is the skill / knowledge based concept.

So my new question is should I implement a feature of control over the fishing rod? Because the fishes are visually visible, you’d want to throw the rod in an area with lot’s of fish. If I gave players control to move the fishing rod in water would it make it much more engaging?

It can definitely accomplish that if done right, but it’s up to you if that’s within your scope (given the fish are already objects in the world I’d guess it probably is)

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I and probably most other people here wouldn’t play it, but that’s because the devforum generally has an older demographic which simulators don’t appeal to.
And yes, you can make another Fishing Simulator.

I would consider a different name though, because 2 games already have that name and you might find it hard to compete for clicks.

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If you make a different name and different gameplay elements I would consider playing.

You can actually make your idea into a tycoon game.(If you have ability to make placement system)
I would like to see if you can make what I said.
You don’t need to change the fishing system, all the thing what I thought was making your idea into “Fish can tycoon”.
Make a fish market and something else.
I suggest you to add some certain area for a special kind of fish,items.(You will know what I’m saying if you played lumber tycoon 2.)
I know it is a long process to make a game like that, but it’s worth more than the single fishing simulator idea.

Honestly, I am sick of simulators taking over the front page of Roblox its really annoying and most of the games I find to not even be fun, I don't think making another fishing simulator will be such a good idea but if you want to do that go for it nothing is stopping you man, I say go for it.

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At least name it something else other than “Fishing Simulator”.

It makes it seem like you’re fishing for likes by using the same name (pun intended)