Fist Barage Showcase


I made a Fist Barage for my game. You can see from the videos bellow.


With random Colors:

it just looks cool with this:

What do you thing?


For a first attempt this is beyond beginner I would go even far to say advance most barrage attacks aren’t colored responsive and are basic meshes
So good job!

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The afterimage meshes and the way the fists spawn are incredibly advanced, and unlike the beam/trail-based methods in other barrage-using games. This is superb.

The animation, however, is pretty static. Try moving the torso left and right more.

EDIT: Also position the legs differently, because their current position makes the support of the character weak in comparison to the force of the punching barrage. So place one leg forward, and the other backward, to give the character’s posture more support to compliment the power of the barrage.

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Is it randomly placed or did you have to individually animate it?

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This is the best barrage animation that I’ve seen so far. Great work!

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It looks gorgeous. I don’t even know what feedback to give you.


Its not an animation, its all scripted.

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Wow it looks amazing.

It just seems a bit to slow.

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