Fitting issues with Egg Hunt 2019 Catalog assets

This week, the Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time event begun, but unfortunately some of the prizes users have spent countless hours to obtain aren’t exactly what they were advertised to be.

Some items have Scaling and Offsetting issues due to the wrong placement of Accessory attachment points. The following items are confirmed to be clipping through, or not fitting at all in every single type of avatar. (R6, R6 or Rthro.)

Thank you in advance! Hope these get fixed shortly.


Small update, the Infinity Gauntlet was updated to fit more packages. This does not fix it for R6 avatars, but I’m not sure what the fix would be there. Bookbegg was also placed on the user’s head.

To add onto the thread though…

More Clipping Eggs

Egg Off slightly clips into the player’s head at the front mouth.
Egg Off - Roblox

Caped Eggsader has a bit of clipping at the neck to go along with the clipping on top, though from my point I would say it’s possible for the player to recolor their head to hide the topmost clipping. This would not fix the clipping near the neck.
Caped Eggsader - Roblox

Egg of Idols has clipping near the neck.
Egg of Idols - Roblox

Mc Egger has clipping near the neck, though with the few specific polys peeking out and the tiled pattern of that texture that is easier to hide.
Mc Egger - Roblox

Newborn Spotted Egg clips ever so slightly at the back.
Newborn Spotted Egg - Roblox

Demolition Eggspert, clipping…
Demolition Eggspert - Roblox

Questing Eggventurer, clipping…
Questing Eggventurer - Roblox

This is getting silly at this point but I had to include the Scaled Eggducator for how ridiculous this clip was.
Scaled Eggducator - Roblox

And to put a note on the Dragonborn Fabergé mentioned earlier, rather confused as to why that one is much larger than the rest. I decided to investigate and see if it was a matter of the stands not fitting well with Rthro, in case Roblox prioritized Rthro for this situation, but no. Every other Fab. uses the stand properly with decent enough results. Not sure how it ended up this way. It’s not like we need another large scale “Dragon around the egg” egg which is the regular egg size, since 2018 already did just that. Would be nice if it was updated to shrink the egg to the size of the others.


I personally don’t mind the size of the faberge too much - it’s the last one, so maybe they made it larger to commemorate that.

Just because it’s larger, doesn’t make it better. It was made with the intention of being a Fab, thus the stand. Otherwise you’ve got an egg with a distracting loop around the bottom and pointless feet.

There’s also the factor that the details may not have been intended to be scaled up. If you take an image intended to be 128x128, and post it elsewhere after stretching it to 512x512, it’s going to look odd.

The most this really does is make it harder to use. One of the benefits of Fabs is that they worked as a piece to add to the outfit which didn’t quite take over the outfit like other eggs may. With that benefit gone, many players may not wear the Fab because instead of being a piece which compliments an outfit, it instead shouts. It’s no longer subtle in its beauty, but instead says “HEY, LOOK AT ME! I’M AN EGG!”

Thank you for the pics, Jade. I hope these issues can be settled soon, the last Egg Hunt deserves better.


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