Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Showcase

This is a Fnaf 2 Showcase that I made.

As of right now there is no real plan for the game, I’m not sure if I am going to make it a real game or keep it a showcase.

Built by: Qd_awg/Phantom
Scripted by: Dr_Frayon/ChaosDudes

Game: Fnaf 2: Showcase - Roblox



This looks really good; in some pictures it doesn’t even look like roblox!

Great work, keep it up!


Thank you! I try my best so its nice to hear some positive feedback!

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Looks great!! Don’t stop working on it, interested to see it as a full game!

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This message is from 4 days ago but I never hit send lol!

Thank you for your feedback, sadly I am not a scripter, and I’m not gonna force my friend to do it

So this game will never be completed, but I will be making every pizzeria, and I hope you like those just as much!

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This showcase looks good. Nice job recreating Five Nights At Freddy’s!

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