Five Nights At Freddy's (Story) FAN-MADE GAME!

Hello! I just wanted to come on for my first post and tell you all about the story game I built with my team! It’s called Five Nights At Freddy’s (Story) and we recently hit 10k visits! If you wanna check it out and give me any suggestions for it, feel free to!

Link to game:


also, are we allowed to put links in here? I totally forgot XD if so then I’ll put on a link to the game :smiley:

Yes, you are allowed to insert links.


Okay, thank you! I’ll add that in now

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Is this a copy or a fan-made game?

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it’s a fan made game, me and my team wanted to create a fan-made story game but we couldn’t think of anything but then saw that there wasn’t a fnaf story game so this is the first fnaf fan-made story game on roblox, well at least completed that is

Okay, be sure to tell in your posts it’s a fan-made game because some people may ask whether it’s a copy or not(like me). Nice job though!


Okay thanks! I’ll keep that in mind!

Looks nice overall. Personally enjoyed the music. I suggest you add a little bit more animation to the characters with in the game. Try to give it more of a lively feel. Overall very well made. Nice job!

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Thanks! I’ll tell my team about your suggestion :smiley:

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It’s a decent game although the amount of free models is scary. If I was you i would look through them and look for scripts because there’s a virus that prompts player to buy fake admin.


This game is riddled with popups.


Oh I’m so sorry, I’ll get my team to look at this right away!

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Sorry! Me and my team are going to go work on it now!

So, I don’t want to be harsh. It is VERY Clear that you enjoy the Five nights at Freddys series and that you put heart into this. However, there are a lot of issues.

First of all, the so many free models. There were so many free models, and it was causing popups.

Also, the characters weren’t anchored, so I could move them wherever I wanted.

Screenshot 2021-12-18 234633
somethings off with this model, I don’t know why all his accessorys are so weird


Apparently this was cassidy? The skin is completly different.

Also, again, you can move the models, so i trapped purple guy outside

The doors never opened, so…

Overall, good game, but, again, there are a lot of bugs to be fixed :+1:

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Thanks! I’m having my team get on today to look through the problems, we’re hoping to get it fixed right away!