Five Nights at Roblox 2

I made a fnaf game before and now I have made a sequel with what I have learned. I’d like some feedback on the game and just generally how people feel about it. I don’t work in a team and I don’t think I am the most experienced developer, but I tried to make it the best I could.
The game:


I genuinely never seen a Fnaf game in roblox this well made and the background story is well made I honestly have faith that this will perform well if sponsored well


Bro what’s up with the loading screen? Why sooo long?

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The loading screen just uses preloading. If you have bad internet, it takes long. But it shouldn’t if you don’t. I had to do a lot for the loading screen because the animatronics kept not loading and the animations delaying a lot.

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I do not have bad internet. I get the process, but players may quit your game because of this.

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Oh wait. Apparently 99% of those were repeated decals. I decided in the end to get rid of the decals while preloading. Now it’s 200 assets… Thanks for the feedback it actually helped. I published it. The loading should take A LOT less time.

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The game looks fantastic btw! I will play your game tonight.

UI is pretty good and game has a lot of potential.

Game is pretty smooth overall and well made imo. I just think that the gameplay feels a bit long and you should probably add something to spice it up.

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The game has 6 nights and custom night. I know the gameplay seems slow at first and that’s because it’s the first nights. Nights 1-4 are easy but from 5 it gets faster. For night 6, I decided to break the repetition and do something different, But I won’t spoil. I made it easier at first than I did with the first game I made. I don’t know what else I can do to “Spice it up” as you say, since the game is just what it is. There are 7 animatronics in total. The gameplay is just slow in general with this one, but so are some fnaf games.

oh ok, i’ve only done night 1. you should maybe add something like a nightmare mode where you’re already in night 6 but its even more difficult, like idk not seeing your battery amount? but only once you’ve went past night 4 or 5.

but game is excellent.

edit: your game has a great potential to be really popular. I hope it will.

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After night 6 you can play custom night 7/20 which is basically hell. I put a badge and an ending when completing it, even though I don’t know if it’s possible. Also about night 6 I don’t want to spoil which means I can’t really tell you what it is…

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