Fix blurry LiveOps game icons


The game icons on the LiveOps page are terrible. They’re pulled from the same 150x150px endpoint the games page on uses and exploded to 340px. They look blurry and pixelated.

As a developer I would not be happy advertising my game like this, and as a player I find this incredibly unattractive. I would be very turned off by Roblox after seeing this webpage if I were a new user.


Use to populate the game icons. This endpoint takes multiple IDs in a list formatted like params=[{assetId:#},{assetId:#}].
Change to return images at a more variable (higher) resolution. I have complained about the game icon endpoint before. I recommend making it more versatile.


Presumably the JS used to fetch information for the list of games on the webpage.

There is a function called init() that is called immediately. This function calls getGameInfo() to get game information for each game.


In getGameInfo() after getting game information it hits the exact same endpoint the games page on uses to populate game icons. (This endpoint unusually imposes a hard limit on image size unlike other endpoints that let you specify the size you’d like returned)

Defined immediately above getGameInfo() is a function called getGameImage(). This hits an endpoint that returns these icons at a reasonable resolution. I’m not sure how nobody noticed this while they were building this webpage.

Experimenting with this endpoint a little bit, I’ve discovered that it takes multiple parameters just like the games page endpoint, as seen below:[{assetId:463915360},{assetId:463915360},{assetId:463915360}]

Here is some sample JS you can run from the console on the LiveOps page that will use this endpoint to update all of the icons so you can see the difference.

	let url = "[";
	games.forEach((game) => {
		if (game.placeId > 0) {
			url += "{assetId:" + game.placeId + "},"
	url = url.substr(0, url.length - 1)
	url += "]"
	fetch(url).then((res) => {
		res.json().then((dataArr) => {
			games.forEach((game, i) => {
				data = dataArr[i];
				if (data) {
					let url = data.thumbnailUrl;
					if (url) {
						let img = document.querySelector("[data-place-id='" + game.placeId + "'] .game-icon");
						img.src = url;

I can understand why the same icon was used on the LiveOps page, but it doesn’t make sense to blow an image up to over 200% of its original size when there are perfectly reasonable endpoints to use that return an image at or above that size. As someone who uses a TV as my monitor, it is especially obvious that these images have been scaled up dramatically.

Fixing this would help present LiveOps in a more positive and polished manner, because right now the design of the page and blurry icons do not look very professional. As OP said, I would not be happy if I had uploaded a 512x512 icon and it was downscaled to 150x150 then stretched to 200% that size. It feels like a slap in the face to everyone who put substantial effort into their game icons under the impressions that they would be seen at an appropriate resolution.


I’ve just looked at this page on my phone and it is even more disappointing from there. The icons occupy the entire width of the screen:

I want it clear that this isn’t zoomed in or anything. Thats just how it looks on my screen.

These are super low quality and it’s kind of unacceptable to degrade games participating in LiveOps like this.


An attempt to improve the appearance of the icons on the page was made recently, but the only change was making the icons smaller on desktop (they’re still too big for their actual resolution). They still look terrible on mobile, and the poor quality is still apparent on desktop.

Please consider using this endpoint instead.[{assetId:463915360},{assetId:463915360},{assetId:463915360}]