Fix Corrupted meshparts in bulk?

Hey guys, so i was just working on my game today when i got a report from one of my members saying that their morph (Composition of unions since I’m too dense to use blender) was missing it’s eyes. I thought it was a simple issue with the eyes having been accidentally deleted or something, but i check the morphs to find that a ton of the meshparts within various morphs have been corrupted for zero reason.

Is there any way to fix this in bulk? There’s a good 50 or so parts that have been corrupted. Even the morph backups are corrupt. Am i going to have to re-position a new mesh for every single one?

(The user also mentioned this had been happening for days before, so rolling back is not an option)



It sounds like you are experiencing issues with corrupt unions/invisible unions. I’ve experienced this issue occasionally too, luckily I haven’t been affected too much, but definitely lost a bit of work. I’m not 100% sure if there is a good way to do it in bulk - it’s a sure annoying bug.

Here is a tutorial that worked for myself in a similar issue: How to prevent union loss due to corruption, and how it happens - it’s towards the bottom as it sounds like it’s already lost.

You could also try something like this: If you have corrupted unions, here is how to fix them! (Instructions with pictures) - personally it didn’t work for me, but it may do for you, not sure.

If that tutorial doesn’t help, there are many other ones you can find on the devforum with this issue. Best of luck fixing it, and hopefully in the near future this bug will go!

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I know this is a bit off topic and avoiding the question at hand, but you shouldn’t let Blender intimidate you. People think Blender is a lot more difficult and hard to grasp than it really is. Yes, it will get hard at one point, and yes, you will want to give up, but just as soon as it starts getting hard it also starts getting easier and easier. I’ve been modeling for literally two weeks and I’m already past the hard part. Open up Blender, find yourself someone who is willing to help you learn, and get to modeling.

Couldn’t agree more. Definitely try blender, it’s free after all! Follow some tutorials, and learn the basics and then make some small models. I keep wanting to get into blender but just don’t have a need for it yet - but this is a way to reduce corrupted unions.