If you have corrupted unions, here is how to fix them! (Instructions with pictures)

Hey there! I’ve run into the “corrupted union” issue a while back and I searched the forums for a possible solution. I’ve found many answers including my own experimenting in solving/preventing the issue.

This is what you want…


  1. Select your union. (Even if it’s invisible/corrupted)

  1. Right click it in explorer then select, “Export Selection”

  1. Save your file to wherever you see fit. (For the sake of this tutorial I chose Union as my file name. It can be anything.)

  1. Right click any spot in your game and highlight, “Insert Object” and select MeshPart.

  1. Select your MeshPart and click on MeshId and then select your file you saved earlier.

  1. To replace your corrupted part with the new one, take the corrupted part’s position and orientation and copy and paste them into the new part.

Orientation and Position

Hope this helps someone in need!