"Fix" humanoid texture compositing with part colors

When you are wearing no packages setting the part color of a body part means that it, and only it, is affected by changing the color. For many other packages, however, this is not guaranteed. Here are two examples:

Roblox 2.0:

(The left arm colors the right hand)

This is very annoying, and sadly the 2.0 package isn’t alone. Here’s the pirate package, showcased on administrator jmargh:

(The left leg colors the top of the right leg)

I get that these packages are supposed to be worn in combination with shirts/pants, but if you want to make a character with only part colors and different coloured arms/legs this is still very annoying.

The only workaround I can think of is to make a shirt with only one color, which is definitely not user friendly, and completely stops developers without BC. It can also be declined since it might be seen as a way to bypass the default clothing.

It also has several problems. You’d need to copy and paste the RGB value and set the fill tool to use that exact color, and if you want to change even just one body part’s color you’d have to edit the shirt and upload it again.

This isn’t nice, and definitely shouldn’t happen. What I’m requesting is for this to be fixed. I can’t imagine any games would be relying on this.



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