Fix Opera GX tab on mobile obstructing "Send" button whenever making a reply/message/topic

Currently, Using opera GX on mobile in this forum is very tedious. The biggest reason is the Opera GX tab obstructing the reply button. Here is an image demonstrating the issue:

It gets very annoying.

Workaround: Currently, You scroll very down until the tab dissapears. But thats very tedious. Id rather the reply GUI to be atleast above the opera GX tab.


It’s funny how you were replying to the group chat which I made :rofl:

also please request this to discourse, the DevForums isn’t responsible for creating the “send” button, if you can’t then I will do it for you :slight_smile:

We use software called Discourse to run this forum. Discourse mentions these specs on their about page:

We do not currently have engineering bandwidth to expand the browser support beyond what is listed above, as this would require forking Discourse, making significant changes, and keeping those changes valid throughout upstream Discourse versions.

You can try sending a request to to support Opera browsers properly for consideration.