Fix the AutomaticRetry documentation on the DataStoreService page

The DataStoreService page on the Roblox Developer Hub still has a reference to AutomaticRetry being a feature, despite not currently being enabled nor currently planned to be re-enabled.

This should be either removed from documentation until the feature is re-enabled, or be labelled as currently disabled for the following reasons:

  • The DataStoreService is a critical service, and must therefore be documented properly
  • New developers often find the service confusing enough without disabled features confusing them more
  • Developers may believe retries are occuring when they are not, leading to them not scripting their own solutions in turn leading to higher rates of failed data loading/saving attempts
  • Even experienced and capable developers such as @Crazyman32 have called it “misleading”

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I couldn’t agree more! There’s absolutely no reason for this property to be exposed to developers at this time.

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I’ve added a note to the description that mentions this. Unfortunately the property is not officially deprecated so we can’t hide it until the appropriate teams mark it as such.

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