Fix the flagging system

Most people don’t know this, but how much time it takes for you to get promoted to a member depends on how much time you browse through the DevForum AND your moderation history.

If you’ve never been moderated before, then you should get be promoted in less than a week.

If you’ve been terminate, but got a roll back, then it’ll take you roughly 2 weeks to get promoted.

This is just some extra information I thought would be helpful.


Where did you find this information? I have never heard anyone say that website moderation affects member promotions.

If they are not doing this yet, they should probably consider it since users who have been banned or terminated on the website can join DevForum and, if they get to Member too quickly, they can spam trash everywhere. It would probably make flagging more efficient if they do this, since only serious developers with little to no previous moderation actions can join.

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I didn’t find the information. Its more on observation. It took me a week to be promoted to a member because I’ve been moderated once before.

My friend got terminated, but then got a roll back. It took him almost a month to get promoted despite how much he browsed the forums.

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Correlation is not causation. There is a hard limit on how many topics/replies you need to read, you guys probably didn’t read enough within the week/month.

I read for 4 hours every single day while I was a visitor and it still took me weeks.

Just happend to me litterally 5 minutes ago i posted a topic in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support about needing help making the fps system that i had just made into a tool i go to the tutorial topic that helped me make the system for a minute thinking if i should just ask there instead then i go back to my topic then i see that its been unlisted the topic was asking for SCRIPTING support nothing else i just wanted to know how to make the fps system a tool.

(Sorry for ranting i just had to say that)

Devforum seriously needs to fix there flagging system it said the community flagged it but i dont believe that.

Heres the topic if your intrested (the one that got flagged)
How would i make this a tool? (FPS system) - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

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I feel you.

I literally got “Feedback” for supporting one of Roblox’s posts.

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Supporting one of Roblox’s posts doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make you immune to punishment.

Instead of complaining, maybe you should read the feedback message and improve so that the next time you make a post it isn’t taken down. If you think the moderation was ill-deserved, send a message saying why you think something is wrong.


Forum Moderators don’t reply to their messages.

Also, do you think this sentence deserves punishment:

“Yes! Thank you so much Roblox! It will make things so much easier! :slight_smile:

And it was a reply not a post.

Yes they do. I’ve had multiple instances where moderators have talked to me.

Yes because you should be using the like button in the first place.


I’ve replied to Forum Moderators several times and not even one of them has replied even once.

They will only like your reply if you say
“I understand.”

Message them again if they missed it. The moderators are usually busy if they’re online. Usually after 30 minutes to an hour I get a response.

It baffles me there’s such a heavy regulation on these forums.

I have to think minutes where a post would be appropriate to place, and it still gets flagged and removed an hour later.

Discouragement at its best.

You’re a regular and you’ve been here longer than I, but I’ll word it so that anybody reading this can understand. You have some good points, but I disagree as a whole.

This forum was originally intended to only allow access to about 2% of developers who applied to the developer forum. You would be manually reviewed to see if you qualified. The discussions here were mature and on-topic, and people didn’t say anything unless they had something noteworthy to say. This forum, somewhat opposite of today, was low volume (i.e. a few posts per day) but had a very high information density. It helped too of course that the kind of people they let in didn’t usually need help with simple things.

They’ve obviously made the forums public, but they’ve tried to keep at least a reasonable level of mature discussion. To you it might seem like discouragement, but it’s hugely generous to have opened the forums up like this.

A lot of things don’t need to be said in public places. We’re all guilty of mistakes and off-topic interaction, but ideally conversations should be intelligent and focused, and anything that doesn’t add or request information should not be said outside of the lounge. The lounge of course is still locked to higher forum ranks so that it doesn’t become an excuse to post nonsense. There are those of us who feel the lounge should just be deleted.

It will certainly be discouraging to new forum users, but this forum was never built to accommodate people who don’t read the rules of the forums they post in. It has been made to be lenient with people in a way most forums are not; I have seen plenty of forums which would hand out bans for not following posting guidelines. Here it’s just a warning.

I do think topics should be moved rather than deleted, and they are in most cases. This forum though has become a haven for duplicate posts and people who haven’t bothered to do their own research before posting. It’s always been plain that Roblox moderation isn’t up to the task of flawlessly moderating several million gremelins who sign up for free, and that applies here as well. You remember what the old forums were like? Moderators were stretched thinner than they are here. The guidelines are strict, the punishments are not. I honestly think the developer forum is better managed than any other parts of Roblox.


My topic got flagged it was about what should new programmers first learn in coding according to what I believe it should’ve been in development discussion

In honesty, very few topics legitimately belong in Development Discussion. Without seeing your post I obviously couldn’t give you any advice on it, but since it is deleted I can only assume that the moderators were in agreement with the flag.

To be honest, just because I’ve been around here for a long time doesn’t mean I’m a regular. I hardly use the developer forum other than I really need to.

Back in the day there was some maturity as it was an exclusive forum. Though this also caused elitism, and pretty much something that discouraged me from this forum back then.

Obviously with the removal of the public forum, this has been a bit more… generous in its application. Though I still think certain forum sections such as #development-discussion feels way too regulated. Honestly it’s always #development-discussion that seems to cause problems. I’ve read posts of users that are apparently so fed up with this section that they do nothing but flag inappropriate posts 24/7.

I’ve had moments where moderators, without my permission, ‘corrected’ posts of mine in its spelling and grammar. While English is not my native language and the small errors didn’t change the context at all, it leaves a bad taste of how moderators act. I’m sure most don’t like being corrected on their spelling / grammar, let alone corrections being forced.

This is just my opinion on the experience here over the years.


The moderator’s forum account is handled by bots, not by actual person who owns it.

The account’s DMs might be formatted or delivered by bots for convenience, however the actions are performed by human moderators. Flagged posts do not get removed until reviewed by a human moderator. DevRel is not obligated to respond to replies or messages.

I haven’t really said anything which hasn’t already been said by someone more qualified to say it, so though I like this topic of discussion I’m going to see myself out.

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You’re absolutely right. They aren’t obligated to reply back, but the guy replying to me earlier said that they will definitely reply to you back when you PM them which I think completely isn’t true.

I’ve PMed them and replied to their feedback PMs before, and they’ve NEVER replied back.

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