Fix the flagging system

Honestly I don’t know the exact solution. Mabye it could be giving permissions to people who have been on the devforum longer and are well known. Some people flag topics just if they don’t agree. Some people flat out abuse the system and flag every post they see.

No, I personally would prefer some user have poor judgment a few times than them not being able to report something being wrong at all. If moderators think that the flagging is straight up malicious they have tools to check and to firmly inform the user. There are objectively more TL1 users than TL2+. Even you and I would be prevented from flagging posts!

TL1 = users with trust level 1 (aka member)
TL2 = users with trust level 2 (aka regular)
DD = #development-discussion


Ok I see what you are saying, but aren’t there enough top contributors and up to do that for them?

No, there are only about 70-80 of them, doesn’t seem fair to have only them be responsible for bringing bad posts to the attention of the moderators via flagging. There are 600k+ registered accounts on the forum currently. And hundreds if not thousands of posts per day.

Also since it is a legacy role it is literally not going to be used anymore


Ahh ok I thought there were more than that, never mind😆

The first one has been a subject posted there many times in the past.

The second one doesn’t involve developers as much as it involves players.

The third one doesn’t belong in #forum-feedback:forum-help or on the forum.

If you have questions about your topics being taken down, you can message DET

They should make it so that only regulars can flag topics since they have the most experience.

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The simple answer is to just not create topics in #development-discussion . The vague guidelines have allowed it to be used as a free-for-all category upon being opened up, so you can avoid this by simply not posting topics there, and the topics there aren’t useful anymore anyway. I’m not sure how topics like “how old were you when you started developing” are helpful to developers. As a developer what do you expect to benefit from knowing how old someone was when they started developing


#development-discussion category is frequently misused. It’s by developers and for developers. You are not supposed to discuss the details outside development, that would be off-topic and defeats the whole purpose of what the forum is for. You are not supposed to present yourself as a player there, but as a developer. It’s purely for art of development, discussing subjective matters of designs choices and intricate details around development, both in the field and around the field(breaks, modus operandi, etc.).

If your topic can’t fulfill the conditions of what #development-discussion is for, you should refrain from posting and try discussing elsewhere, whether it was third-party(Discord, Twitter, etc.) or #lounge:off-topic.

And no, there is no reason to post for the sake of posting.


The whole problem with the lounge is that people who do not have the regulars role cannot access it- the whole system right now is on pause which is why saying go somewhere else is a problem.

Why even intend to use #lounge anyways? That category is highly dubious because I believe it’s strongly distracting the users from actually developing or discussing development(or anything related). This is not always the case, because sometimes there are intelligent and meaningful topics around that category. If you were to open access to that category, I would expect a massive increase of posts going there and hardly shows any relevance for DevForum, especially in the mind of people who would post for the sake of posting.


I’ve been running into these problem’s lately, and yet I see other posts I flag don’t get taken down for not being spoken about the topic, and yet when mine is within the topic someone flag’s it and absolutely obliterates my reply, and it’s getting really tiring to see. They need to really fix there flagging system, as right now it is WACK.

Your post got flagged again, so what? It’s annoying at worst. Your post will be reinstated and you’ll (hopefully) move on.

My post just got flagged and locked minutes earlier and it was just for asking about something, not asking for support or help…


The devforum In whole has a huge problem. People are using alternative accounts to be able to takedown whole posts without being traceable. A friend of mine had a thing where he discredited something someone said on a post, and every post made after that was flagged over and over for about a week straight. There isn’t anything you can do sadly. The only way for it to be fixed is for Roblox to close the devforum to application only and do a background check on all applicant’s, as well as purging members who have already joined, but we all know that’s out of the ballpark.

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This makes it more worst for the Developer Engagement Team, not just limiting the Developer Forum for real developers who wanted to use it in a right way, it’d also put them more stress, think about it, if the automated system was taken down and was replaced with manual application, imagine the tens, hundreds, thousands, or more applications coming for them to read and decide whether to accept or not, and this would just cause them stress and make their job more worst. Not to mention Post Approval was removed because of the increasing members and posts being made, which caused them to get disbanded in the first place.

The better solution for this is that the Developer Engagement Team, is for them to check it more efficiently, if the post was really irrelevant, or breaking the rules, and I’m certain they could check the post being flagged, and they should decide whether to take it down or not.
Nobody’s perfect however and sometimes may end in flaws so, if your post was wrongfully moderated, it’s better to message the @moderators or @DevEngagementTeam.

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Sadly I think this would take too much time, I know that me and you might feel like reporting or flagging a post is a rare occurrence, but to some people, they end up making a report on numerous posts a day, and the influx of new members, reaching almost 10k people, means if only 10% of people were like that and reported 5 posts a day, that would be 5000 posts they have to go through and review. That is a lot and would likely be costly, surely a lot over the budget given to the developer forum portion of Roblox

I’m having the same issue here, I was just telling some guy that their stuff made the game more laggy therefore the models weren’t good and then they started saying that I was an idiot and didn’t know anything about modeling, and they started flagging every reply I made, I’m not sure if there’s even moderation here…

How do you know they’re the ones that flag your post, though? It’s not like your sent a message saying who flagged your post and why (rightfully so).

I completely agree. If someone flags it, whether it breaks the rules or not, it will get taken down not matter what. It really sucks. I’ve had plenty of topics falsely taken down because of one person who decided to be a nitpicker. The only way for it to be immune to flags is for the topic to be popular super fast.

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